New Show August 26th!

Look a billion years in the Face! When you find that dark sky, you can imagine new music from synthetic organic non blues soul.

Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia is nice enough to have us back to play joyful electronical music on Sunday August 26th 2012 (the year we make contract.)

This show begins at 9pm.

Selecting an electrocosmic tone will be Tadoma!

Then unbelievable sounds for dancing from the Chandeliers!

Buffalo Stance will then tell three stories at once!

More info to follow


Our sister planet announces another Buff show SATURDAY NIGHT!

We are so excited to be a part of this show and I hope you can make it.  It’s happening Saturday the 17th of March and it goes from 9pm-2am. It’s occurring at Little Berlin here in my home town of Philadelphia. You might want to fly in for this one, it was in the upper 70’s today! We are honored to be playing with such a lineup!

Here’s the info from the FB invite:

Data Garden curates a night of electronic stimuli in conjunction with Little Berlin’s Flash Fl00d Exhibition. It’s time to log-out of hibernation mode and head to Data Garden’s Computer Groove.

|||| An Audio-Visual Dance Zone ||||
Info at

Buffalo Stance
Analog funk by Jamey Robinson (Man Man, Need New Body)

D&D Orchestra
Tropical electronics by Tom Guycot & Peter Dragontail

Color Is Luxury
Charles Cohen and hair_loss make beats with rare circuits

DJ Ryan T
Spinning rare electric jams to follow the concert

Cosmic Morning
Don Miller creates psychedelic light shows with digital and analog equipment

Inspired by Art Nouveau, old computers, outer-space and good vibes, Alex Bond brings us solid visual vibrations



2430 Coral St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
I’ll see you there and we can nerd out about the glory of electronic music with the friendly and knowledgeable Data Garden gang!

Buffalo Stance Plays Tonight!

We leave the cave to play with our great friends from Chicago. Well, you should see this. It wasn’t too long ago when the hurricane told us not to put on this show. If there is a hurricane here tonight, then I will take all ticket holders to the Cherry Hill Mall food court for lunch on me.



All traffic on the island of Brooklyn will be closed to vehicular traffic for this event at Death By Audio on Sunday February 12. So, ride your bike and bring musical adventure friends with you so I can finally meet you! There’s so much to talk about! My beautiful friend, Chris Shar is hauling down from the icy frontier land of Burlington VT to express himself musically right before your eyes as Parmaga.

No Ipads during the show please.
More details to follow.

Show This Week!

Buffalo Stance is very excited to play this show coming up Friday 12*23*2011! Last show of the year! Come see Jamey (man man, need new body,) Matt (man man, the extraordinaires,) and Smoker (the extraordinaires,) kill it at Kung Fu Necktie. The clavinet and the vocoder are tuned up and ready for funkdanceathonextreme as well as general entertainment.